Enjoying Grand Privé Tournaments At Bella Vegas

Here at Bella Vegas Casino, we are proud to offer Grand Privé Tournaments to our valued clientele and US players. These allow our customers to win much more - and much more often - than they would playing alone. We work hard to post our schedules well in advance because we ask that all participants register and then join a tournament; we do this so that those who do not want to participate are not inundated with messages. Once you've registered, you can mark the date and time and simply wait for it to start. We offer all kinds of great options that offer real-cash payouts and, in some cases, the buy-ins don't even require cash. That's right - our users who have accrued Loyalty Points can use these, instead.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, we offer four Grand Privé Tournaments for only one Point. The top prize is $75 but even the individual who comes in fifth will receive a $10 prize. This all starts with the Breakfast Challenge, but there is also a Moonlight Challenge on Mondays and Tuesdays that can provide a great deal of fun and excitement. These are open to both slots and blackjack users. On Wednesdays, we offer the Show Me the Money Challenge for the pokies and the Blackjack Showdown for 21 lovers. Each of these has a $10 buy-in but rather than playing for a flat sum, users will play for a portion of the pot. First place receives 50%, second place gets 30% and third place receives 20%.

Finally, on Sundays, we offer up two more fabulous events that can be entered for either $5 or 125 loyalty points. These are the Slots Showdown and the Berserk Blackjack tournament; in each case, the first five places are 'in the money' and will receive anywhere from $75 at the top tier down to $10 at the bottom tier. Of course, we will host other events from time to time in which our customers can participate, but this is the schedule for our most popular events and ones that all of our clientele should consider entering if they are interested in winning a nice little pot.