How to Make Bella Vegas Deposits

We want to make banking as simple as possible for all of our American customers, and that is why Bella Vegas deposits come in a wider variety than many other venues that are available to the US public. Though we are aware that laws in the US have made it difficult to process certain transactions, we do everything we can - including providing tips and tricks for rejected credit cards - to make things simpler for our clientele.

There are many choices when it comes to Bella Vegas withdrawals and deposits, and these include popular credit cards, e-wallet service providers, electronic checks and even bank wires. VISA and MasterCard are both accepted here, and we partner with e-wallet services like Moneybookers, PaySafeCard, UKash and many others to make things as simple as possible. Of course, we can also process transactions directly with our customers' banks, but this can take some time as we verify our customers' identities prior to allowing these transactions to occur.

The best way to withdraw funds is to request a bank wire, but there are other methods available, too. In fact, in the event that there is ever any difficulty receiving funds electronically, we can even send a cashier's check through the mail that can be cashed in any American bank. For anyone who is having trouble with credit card payments, we recommend trying to deposit odd amounts of money (for instance, $23.37 instead of an even $25), making one large deposit instead of several smaller ones, and even taking the time to make sure that our players have entered all of the necessary information correctly.

Bella Vegas deposits can be made in a variety of ways, but withdrawals are a bit more limited. Here, players can choose to use their Neteller accounts, have a check mailed to them, or use a direct bank transfer. The amount of time that these options might take varies, though the paper check takes the longest. This is because we only process our payments on Mondays and Thursdays and the check will take some time to travel through the mail. For those who want their money more quickly, a bank wire is the way to go.